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Bendy Life

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Why Get Bendy?



Alignment: The key is in alignment and our revolutionary mats feature alignment lines that can be used by every yogi for every posture

Grip: An eco-friendly no-slip grip absorbs sweat and keeps you from losing your form

Style: A beautiful sleek design to match your minimalist lifestyle


Eco Friendly Material

Bendy Life Mats are made with a proprietary eco-friendly, polyurethane-leather top and a natural rubber base.  Your sweat is absorbed by the porous surface and keeps your mat extra-grippy whether you practice heated or non-heated styles of yoga.  The alignment lines are laser-etched into the mat so they won't wear off no mater how often you decide to get bendy.  The natural rubber base is anti-microbial and helps keep your mat hygienic between cleanings.


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